In the Ecuadorian Andes you will find an incredible diversity of globally important crops like corn, beans or potatoes. This is because these crops have been cultivated there for millennia and bred according to local climatic conditions and soil properties. In addition, there is a whole range of rather exotic crops like mashwa, jicama, oca, arrayan, chocho, achojcha, chihualcan to name a few, which made it into the traditional cuisine of this area. Quite unusual for the tastes of foreigners, roasted guinea-pig is an absolute delicacy for the indigenous population, only served on special occasions like weddings or the sun festival Inti Raymi. The same is true for the fermented corn beer chicha which comes in different varieties, for example the famous chicha de yamor made of seven different kinds of corn.
Visit us and learn more about the typical ingredients of Andean cuisine, try cooking some of our traditional recipes yourself, and taste the results of our centuries-old art of cooking. Bon Apetit!

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