Some of the communities in our network offer volunteer positions in various fields like education, health, organic farming, or nature conservation. You will stay with a local family and get a whole new perspective on life in the Andean countryside, making a difference and leaving a positive impact for the community.
For this program, the minimum time of your stay is two weeks, but a longer period is recommended. We try to match your interests with the needs in each community, but keep in mind that some activities are seasonal (e.g. due to school vacations, harvesting times etc.) Please also bear in mind that the communities are not in the economic positions to offer you free board and accommodation; however, they do offer very reasonable weekly rates.
If you are interested to do some volunteer work in the area, let us know about your main interests and qualifications, your available time and when to start. Please contact us some weeks in advance, so that we can organize a rewarding volunteer experience for you.

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