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Nestled between the Eastern and Western Andean Cordillera and surrounded by the three volcanoes Cotacachi (16.200ft.), Imbabura (15.100ft.) and Mojanda (14.000ft.), the surroundings of Otavalo offer perfect hiking conditions. Due to its volcanic soils, the area is one of the most fertile in Ecuador and up to an altitude of about 11.000ft. the tiny fields are primarily planted with corn, potatoes, barley and different types of beans, resulting in a landscape that resembles a colorful rug.  These areas are ideal for day-hikes and longer treks with a cultural focus. Difficulty levels range from low to medium and it is easy to get to know various communities and nearby natural attraction that way. You can walk on your own, or with a local guide who explains everything important about the flora, fauna, culture and history of the region.
Besides, there is a whole lot of largely unpopulated areas with a fascinating nature and mesmerizing views, particularly in the high-altitude paramo region (~11.000-14.000ft.). Before doing hikes in those areas, you should acclimatize to the altitude for a couple of days. Sudden weather changes require for adequate equipment and due the isolation of those areas, it is essential to carry good maps or walk with a local guide.
For mountain climbers we so far only offer routes that aren´t too demanding with respect to equipment, experience and physical condition.
Due to the multitude of options, we do not list any of the possible hiking routes. Just contact us and let us know about your preferences (duration of hike, difficulty level, altitude, main interests etc.), and we will recommend some options that meet all your requirements.

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