Cultural Exchange

The area around Otavalo is one of the culturally richest of Ecuador and the whole planet. Several indigenous ethnic groups, e.g. the Otavalos, the Kayampis and the Karankis, live next to each other in a quite small area, resulting in numerous differences in customs, music, dress, dialect etc. Due to the area´s history, there is also a strong colonial footprint, and because of the worldwide textile trade run particularly by the Otavalo people, you will also find many international influences. All this had its impact on the different music styles and dances, in weaving designs, architecture, the local cuisine, and many other aspects of culture.
Immerge yourself in this diversity, be inspired by legends and myths, take part in rituals that are centuries old, and be mesmerized by the vivid traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. We invite you to experience our daily routine and to celebrate our festivities. Help us with the gardening work, learn to make our handicrafts and cook our meals
with us! But we also would like to learn about and from you. So, sing us your songs and show us the dances of your country. Because in our opinion, culture should not be locked up in museums, but has to be lived and shared every single day.

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