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There is plenty of stuff to do in the rural communities around Otavalo, especially for outdoor enthusiasts and people with a strong interest in culture and customs.
The area around Otavalo
with its stunning mountains and beautiful lakes is one of the best regions in the whole of Ecuador for hiking. All communities in our network offer hikes to nearby natural attractions, and some communities also can arrange multi-day treks with camping along the way or overnight stays with families in other communities. Biking also is an option, as some of our members offer bikes for rent. It is also possible to rent a bike in Otavalo and then visit some of the countryside on a day trip. If you are into fishing, try trout fishing at Laguna Mojanda or Lake San Pablo. In case you are lucky, cook your fresh catch together with your host family.
But there is also a whole range of activities that put a stronger focus on the cultural side of the villages. If you like traditional dances  and music, the countryside around Otavalo is definitely the place to be. You can also take part in ancient rituals or just help the families in their daily work, and in that way learn more about their lifestyle. The Otavalo area always has been famous for the diversity and quality of its handicrafts. So, if you want to learn or perfect your skills in embroidery, weaving, woodcarving, leather works etc., then look no further. If you are planning to spend a few weeks or months in the area, fresh up your Spanish, and make a positive impact, then  the volunteering options in one of our communities might be interesting for you.

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